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Organizations expect options for controlling their devices; Singularity Control adds holistic suite management features.

Network Flows

Native OS firewall control for Windows, Mac, and Linux enables granular, location aware network flow control.

Control USB & 

Control any USB, Bluetooth, or Bluetooth Low Energy device on Windows and Mac to reduce the physical attack surface.

Ensure 100% 

Identify unprotected devices automatically to ensure compliance with security KPIs.


Network Control

  • Control inbound and outbound network traffic for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Centralized and customizable policy-based control with hierarchy inheritance.
  • Tagging mechanisms for streamlined policy assignment and administrative clarity.
  • Touchless location awareness that dynamically assigns network control based on the system’s physical location.

Device Control

  • Granular device control for USB and Bluetooth on Windows and Mac.
  • Centralized and customizable policy-based control with hierarchy inheritance.
  • Control any USB device type, not just mass storage, and specify full read-write or read-only operation.
  • Control Bluetooth by protocol version and by specific Bluetooth device type.
  • Control Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

Rogue Device Discovery

  • The Rogues feature identifies the endpoints that are not yet protected by SentinelOne.
  • Employs passive and active network sweeps to provide enterprise-wide visibility.
  • Removes the uncertainty of whether or not your network is regulatory compliant by discovering deployment gaps.
  • No additional software required.
  • No network changes or hardware required.

What types of USB devices can I control with Singularity Control?

Any kind! Administrators can create highly granular control for any type of USB device as defined by the USB standard. Policy can be defined by vendor ID, product ID, serial number or by class of device which includes things like audio, printers, mass storage, smart cards, video devices, USB-C devices, personal healthcare devices, and more. Here’s an example… only permit IronKey™ encrypted external thumb drives as well as certain audio headsets. Deny everything else that is USB.

Does Singularity USB device control support read-only operation for data loss prevention (DLP)?

Yes. Policies can be crafted to permit read-only operation of mass storage USB devices.

What are some use cases to help explain why I would want Bluetooth Control?

Case #1: Restrict Bluetooth operation to only newer bluetooth versions in order to reduce the attack surface present in older versions. 
Case #2: Restricting Bluetooth connectivity from devices to a specified list or type of peripherals.

What is meant by network control with location awareness?

SentinelOne offers native OS firewall control for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Your security policies may require different local OS firewall policies applied based on the device’s location. For example… perhaps a more restrictive policy is used outside the organization’s network vs. a more open policy inside the network. Administrators craft network location tests that help the endpoint automatically determine what network it’s connected to then applies the correct firewall policy accordingly.

LayeredIT offers “Rogues” and “Ranger IoT.” What is the difference?

Its purpose is to discover whether there are hosts on the network that do not yet have the Singularity Sentinel agent installed. Ranger IoT on the other hand, is an add-on product that helps you control the network attack surface. Ranger offers Rogue functions and adds extensive network discovery and fingerprinting of all IP-enabled devices. Ranger can also be used to protect LayeredIT devices from non-managed IoT devices to ensure unauthorized lateral movement by an unmanaged device is disallowed.

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